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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Silence isn't Golden

So, it's been a rough few days. I haven't been sleeping well because of an infection in my gums. Yeah, wisdom teeth - a dental surgeon's favorite thing in the whole wide world. Those little bastards make them SO much money, it's absurd. 
I literally cried when my dentist was checking it out today - Not even kidding. Tears. I just wanted her to tear it out.

Remember? I'm pretty much an expert now, right?

Anyway, the other issue is that 2 of my kids have a meeting with a speech therapist on Monday. My kids are far too old to not be talking, and I've decided it's time to talk to a professional. I have to be honest - I am absolutely terrified. There is nothing scarier (Or at least so far, for me) than thinking that there may be something wrong with your kids. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my kids. If they get sick, or have some sort of mental/physical disability, I would never love them less. It's not about loving them, it's about knowing how hard their life and your life will be. 
Don't lie, seriously. I know you'll worry about your kids, but it's human nature to be slightly egocentric and think of yourself. How would my life change? What hurdles will I have to jump now?
It's normal to feel that way to an extent, I think - I hope? I don't know. I want my kids to be 'normal' and 'healthy', for their own sake. Life is hard enough without the need for constant medical care, care aids or anything of the sort. 
I know most people love to talk about how great and 'normal' their kids are, but I really wanted to share my fears with you. I'm not perfect. I'm not an expert in parenting. My children can't even talk, for cripe's sake. Please don't ever feel like I'm writing any of this because I know more/am better than you. I'm just like every other Mom with fears, doubts and worries. 
The only advice that I can give out of this is to swallow your pride. If you suspect your child is not developing properly, do something about it. Talk to someone - Your doctor, friends, parents, spouse, etc. Don't hold back your child even more just because you feel embarrassed. It's not your fault if your child is delayed. Chances are pretty good that it's just that, a delay. Eventually, they'll get to where they need to be. 

The only thing that I may regret?
Why the hell am I working so hard to get 2 of my kids to start talking when I can't figure out how to make the other one shut up??

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