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Monday, March 21, 2011

The A-Team

No, not that 'A-Team'; That is just the euphemism that I'm going to use for Autism from now on. 

Yes, it came up in speech therapy today that my son may be on the A-Team. A very mild case, but it was still brought up. This was just our first visit, so we'll have to see.
How did that make me feel? I can't describe it. I went into this meeting thinking that it would be said. I've even said it myself. For some reason, it's very different when it comes from someone with a Masters degree in that sort of thing. 

I cried - on the outside. On the inside? I screamed, cursed and asked "why?". I wanted to pick up my kids and run out the door, down the street... Just run away. 

Now we just work on his speech at home, and see the therapist in a few weeks again. This is the start of a very scary journey. 


  1. You're a wonderful mom... everyone that reads this or knows you in the slightest knows this. No matter what challenges come up, you (and your family!) can handle it. *hugs*

  2. You will be fine! You are a wonderful mother and I have no doubt you will love him no matter what! And even if he is on the A-team it seems very mild and I'm sure he can have a very normal life!! You definitely strong enough to handle it girl.