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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mushy, mushy, love love love...

When I get to the grocery store, one of the first things I do is get my list out of my pocket. I am always forgetting something, so I leave it around the house and add to it when I discover new things that need to be replaced/refilled.
So, here I am, ready to shop, and I pull it out of my pocket and read it through.


This is what I have to deal with on a regular basis - I married a comedian. 
To be fair, I absolutely knew what I was getting into. His crazy sense of humour was one of the many things that drew me in.  He was absolutely insane. He would have me in tears from laughing so hard! Granted, he also had me groaning at times (Groaning, not moaning. That'll show up here later). We still laugh a lot, and his jokes can still be pretty terrible, but I wouldn't change it for anything!

Another thing that intrigued me when we met was his taste in music. Unlike my ex that was into 'pop/punk' and 'rock' (Linkin Park and Bowling for Soup), this guy was into bands that my father listened to - The Eagles, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles, etc. I was floored. Being fairly young (18), I just assumed that my Dad's music sucked and never bothered to listen to it. This new man showed me that music could really mean something! Of course, I fell in love with Pink Floyd. Oh, here's the first birthday present I ever gave him. 

BOOM, I'm awesome
He totally dug it, but seriously, who wouldn't? I am now proud to admit my love of classic rock, and even rock out at Tunes and Trivia night! (Um, with his help, of course)

Anyway, we fell madly in love - How could we not? We got married so quickly that most of our wedding gifts were baby sleepers. 

No, I was not pregnant, thank you.
I did get pregnant though.

Aaaaand again.

Much better
Did I mention that we managed do this in only 25 months? Yeah, I know. I get tired just thinking about it.
The reason that I'm thinking about it is because exactly 4 years ago at this time, I was trying absolutely everything I could to fall asleep because I was getting married the next day!

Basically, my point is... Happy 4th Anniversary, Christopher!
I love you so much, and can't wait for the many anniversaries that we will share together!
Unless you leave me.
Because I posted this.

I'll start packing up my things

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  1. OMG, I love this blog! I love you guys so much! I love all your HagerBabes!