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Friday, March 11, 2011

Can't Buy Me Love

Start at about 1:15

I really wanted to be proposed to like this. I mean, I'm not totally unhappy that I wasn't... but I am incredibly jealous.
My husband tried to propose to me at a Tragically Hip concert (Note: I absolutely hate The Tragically Hip), but they wouldn't let him. He ended up doing it in front of the ocean in our 'hometown' in a foot of snow, three days before our wedding. It was pretty cute.

For some reason, I have always wanted two things - A public proposal, and someone to sing me a song in front of a crowd (a romantic one, not just anything). I wanted grandeur - Something extreme!

While I never got my public proposal, I did get my song. My husband sang that super cute song that Adam Sandler sang Drew Barrymore on "The Wedding Singer". You know... this one?

Yeah, and I mean he played it on the guitar and sang it for me. He even changed it to "Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink" to "put me to bed when I've had too much to drink" because he was a bit of a party guy back then. Seriously, I just re-watched this clip, and got chills and started tearing up. It was wonderful.

I think I always wanted something big because I thought that it would prove how much he loved me. I thought that to shamelessly make a huge scene in public that it meant he truly cared. Same with the wedding. Big wedding, big dress, big cake, big hall.... blah blah blah.
I got an inexpensive (I can't say how much haha) dress, a small 'room' to have the service in, and had about 15 people there - and it was perfect.
Don't get me wrong, even as I was about to walk down the aisle, I felt like it wasn't as 'fantastic' as I had always dreamed, but I knew I was happy... And the moment I walked into that room, and saw my VERY soon-to-be husband as nervous (but excited!) as I was, I knew that this was perfect. Nothing in the world could have made it any better.

I think that people put too much emphasis on their 'perfect day'. One thing can go wrong, and they think that everything is ruined! I'll tell what would ruin your wedding day - The bride/groom (Whichever is the opposite of the person reading this!) not showing up. Yeah, that is something to freak out about. 

You know what else would really suck? This.
Yeah, do you notice that they're okay? They didn't die. Their marriage isn't over. They didn't melt or burst into flames, etc. All that matters is that at the end of the day, you're with the one you love! I know it may not be easy, but try to stay calm. You'll regret being a total cow on your wedding day because the white tiger that was supposed to walk down the aisle with the flower girl on its back proceeded to maul your wedding cake to bits. Keep it simple, remember that this is about love, not money or flowers. 

I love you, hunny! Happy 4th Anniversary!


  1. hahah the unlucky wedding almost made me pee laughing!
    And your wedding picture!! My goodness! You are a stunning woman you know that! ♥

  2. Aw, thanks!! That was the picture we used for our announcement in the paper. My Mom was a little ticked that you couldn't see my face :P
    I LOVE that picture! It wasn't actually planned, we just cuddled for a second. <3

  3. that is definitely a cute picture of you two :) I think it's more romantic when you don't pose <3