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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am audibly sighing as I start this - no joke.

I work at my local 'civic centre' where concerts are held. I like my job - a whole bunch.
I don't necessarily like the music I have to listen to some nights - and it can get very loud - but I love the people! I may not enjoy that country music blaring from the speakers, but when a young cowgirl comes up to me and hugs me saying "This is AWESOME!!!!" I feel... happy! I love these patrons!

I had the... honour of working my first "rap" show a few weeks ago. The band is called D12. I know nothing about them, nor do I care, so here's a link. 
D is for D-Bag

Now I don't want to make anyone angry, so I'll avoid making fun of the music itself. It wasn't truly terrible, as much as I hate to say that. No, the music I could handle... It was the 'gangstas'. 
You know what I'm talking about.

How to Spot a Gangta 101

I'm not very old, but I swear this whole thing was cool about 10 years ago... As in, it should be gone by now. Nothing should last this long - I don't understand why it's still cool. Some men make fun of women for wearing high heels because they don't understand how we can actually walk in them; Seriously, how the hell do you walk like this? Also, why are you even wearing a belt? Does it really help?!

-end rant-

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  1. UGH! Every time I see someone dressed like this I just want to yell at them "PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS!!!!"