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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm a Package Deal

Wow. I don't know if it is something I'm feeding them, but my kids had another rough day. One of those "hide in the bathroom" days. Sometimes being 'Mom' is really hard. Sometimes... being 'Mom', 'Wife' and 'Me' is really hard. I firmly believe that each 'person' inside us has to feel fulfilled - which is, like, super difficult. They are all very different beings.
Let's look at each of these individually.

MOM - Most of the day, the Mom in me is in charge. Mom changes diapers, makes meals, cleans up the mess from the children, bathes them, clothes them and teaches them right from wrong. We have to keep our emotions in check even if the kids are driving us absolutely crazy.

 WIFE - About an hour before my husband is due home, I get into 'wife' mode. This means checking my make up, putting on underwear, and tidying up the living room. Serving him dinner, asking how his day was and telling him how much I missed him are the next steps. After the kids are in bed, we watch TV together and I will rub his feet (Hey, he returns the favour!). Seriously though - You know what the main 'Wife' duty is.

Ain't dat da truth.
 ME - This one tends to get neglected. It's very rare that I get to go out and do something that only requires me to think about me. I go grocery shopping alone, but that falls more into the Mom or Wife category. Sometimes I go and get the oil or tires changed; but again, that's more of a Wife thing. 
Once in a while, my husband pushes me out the door and makes me take care of this part of me. Don't feel selfish for wanting some you time! I absolutely love coming home to my husband and kids after a quiet hour by myself! Even if it's just an hour of driving around and window shopping, I feel like I've taken the time to think about myself and remember who I am.

I like looking at kittens, just sayin'

Some of you can add Employee and Student to that list too (or remove Wife and Mom). It doesn't matter what responsibilities you have in your life right now... Take some time to be you, because you are beautiful!

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