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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bending the Rules

I have certain time limits for different 'milestones' in the lives of my children.

'Solid foods' - 5 months
Bottle to sippy cup - 1 year
Out of crib, into toddler bed - 13 months
Sippy cup gone, normal cup used - 2-3 years
Potty trained - 3 years MAX

Not bad, right?

The thing is that I've found with each child, that limit gets pushed back - ever so slightly.
My oldest son was in a toddler the bed the minute he could crawl himself in and out of it. I don't even think he was walking yet, to be honest.

Yup, barely made it.
I followed my time limits perfectly - Yes, I had them set out before he was born. He was an amazing child. Good listener, very happy, good sleeper... Everything. I was truly lucky.

... And that is why Mother Nature is cruel. It's true! Ladies, seriously, you must agree with me. Ever notice how similar the symptoms are of both menstruation and pregnancy? Who would do that???
She also likes to give you an angelic child and make you believe that all your children will be like that because of your amazing genes. Ha.

Along comes my second. I must admit, he fooled me too. At 6 weeks, he was sleeping for 12 hours a night - and having two 3 hour naps during the day. I hardly saw him! 
And one day, he turned 2. All hell broke loose. He hits, slaps, bites, throws, screams... -sigh-

You should have seen the other kid.

Let's go to the time limit list.

'Solid foods' - 3 months (He was a hungry child)
Bottle to sippy cup - 14 months
Out of crib, into toddler bed - 14 months
Sippy cup gone, normal cup used - 2 months before his 3rd birthday
Potty trained - .... Uh, still working on that.

Okay, not too bad. Early with the food, but pushed back the bottle/sippy cup thing. Don't even get me started on the potty training. Moving forward!

My little girl! My angel!

'Solid foods' - About 5 months
Bottle to sippy cup - 1 year
Out of crib, into toddler bed - ... Still working on that. Aiming for her 2nd birthday...
Sippy cup gone, normal cup used - N/A
Potty trained - Will probably happen before her older brother, I'm sure

Food and bottle/sippy cup was normal.... but I'm having a really hard time getting her into a toddler bed. I think about it, I plan it... but it never seems to happen.

I think that I just know this is my last 'baby'... and I'm trying to keep her a 'baby' for as long as possible. 
Is that wrong? Maybe. 
Will I stop? Not bloody likely.

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