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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nice to meet me

Hello internet!

Welcome to my blog!

I'll start by a long and boring post all about .... ME.

I'm a young Mom of three beautiful children; Owen, CJ and Kaylee. I live in Canada, am a stay at home Mom, and have a wonderful husband. This blog is not just necessarily about my children, or child rearing, but it's safe to assume that most of it will be about that. And food. I LOVE food.

I had my first (unplanned) child at 16. Surprise! RESPONSIBILITY! Luckily, my parents didn't kick me out of the house, or force me to give my child away. My first son, Owen, was born October 4th, 2004. I lived with my parents until I graduated, and I felt I was 'ready' to move out. Ha.
Leaving my parents at 17, with a 9 month old baby, was liberating! Well, more like terrifying. Shortly after I finished unpacking and getting settled, I quickly realized that dinner wasn't happening until I made it. Laundry? My responsibility. Vacuuming? Me. Dishes? Me. Wait... Why did I leave? - Oh well, too late.

A couple of years later, I met my husband. Well, he wasn't my husband THEN, of course. You know what I mean. We (swiftly) got married, and decided that taking care of a 2 year old at 19 just wasn't exciting/exhausting enough. On April 2nd, 2008 (2 days after my 1 year wedding anniversary), little CJ was born. I was now a Mother of two. How exciting!
CJ was a wonderful sleeper. 12 hours a night at 6weeks! It was amazing! 
I thought to myself, "Wow, I am SO lucky! This is simple! Kids are sooo easy. Why does everyone complain so much?"
Oh, no. Oh, no no no...
 When CJ was just 5 months old, karma came to visit - in the form of a positive pregnancy test. 

-What?! Is that even possible?!-

On May 13th, 2009, my little princess Kaylee came into the world. Suddenly, I become a 21 year old mother with three children under the age of 5. UNDER THE AGE OF 5. -faint-
This. All day.

Fast forward to today. My oldest is in the first grade, my middle child is -hopefully- almost done his 'terrible twos' and my daughter is just beginning them... and I'm still alive, with most of my hair.

This is my life; my family, my dreams, my stories. My breakthroughs, and failures. My proud moments.. and my humble ones. I am not perfect, but I do my best to take care of my family and be who I am - a MOM.

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